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Food on the Sea Explorer Cruise? Hindsight is 20/20

  Cruise passengers should not expect gourmet-style meals onboard unless cruising on a small ship known for its food. Stop and think how many meals are served each day which attempt to satisfy all tastes, likes, dislikes and special dietary

Canadian Side of Niagara Falls: What to know before you go!

  Maid of the Mist boat operates from the American side and the 20-minute trip departs every 15 minutes. Think of Maid of the Mist as the blue poncho people. Hornblower Niagara Cruises operates from the Canadian side and is

Toronto Pearson International Airport, Maple Leaf Lounge and United Airlines

  Toronto Pearson International Airport is easy to get around and there’s an interesting twist for departing US Citizens; pre-clearance. After check-in with United Airlines, luggage is tagged and passengers take luggage to a Pre-clearance area with Global Entry kiosks and Immigration

A Typical Niagara Falls Day Tour from Toronto

  Over 15-20 million people a year visit Niagara Falls, the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States but would you believe (sure you would) that Marine Steve and I have

Baggage Delay and/or Missing Luggage. What to know before you go!

  The baggage delay saga continues from when we discovered everything was sitting in Resolute Bay… We entered the Sheraton, took an escalator up to the main reception area, and saw extremely irate, livid and almost out-of-control passengers along with Quark staff

Iqaluit to Toronto on First Air Economy 737-200

  Fueled up and ready to go, the First Air chartered 737-200 took off from Iqaluit for the 3+ hour flight to Toronto. Iqaluit has a proper airport and runway long enough for modern jets which makes sense since it