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Tunisia is A Fast and Easy Winter Destination

You may have never considered Tunisia for a Winter Destination but Europeans certainly do. Tunisia is easy from them to get to by charters, packages and airlines aplenty, especially during the summer months. However, flights from the United States require

Isle of Djerba/Jerba, Tunisia

We flew on Tunis Air (a one hour flight) to Djerba, a flat Mediterranean island off the southern coast of Tunisia. It is joined to the mainland by a 6 km causeway built on a Roman foundation. Djerba has more

Bulla Regia and Dougga – The Ultimate Roman Ruins in Tunisia

It was now time for the ultimate in Tunisia’s Roman sites (other than the El Djem Amphitheatre) – Bulla Regia and Dougga. Dougga, in particular, is an extremely famous Roman site. Bulla Regia was first mentioned by Latin sources in

Roman Ruins of Sbeitla (Sufetia) and Le Kef, Tunisia

On the drive to and from Le Kef, you could see nomad’s tents scattered in the desert. Occasionally, we stopped at scenic view points and walked through little villages – up to some old ruins, into little shops, and other

Hiking Close to The Algerian Border in Tunisia

Other than shopping, there was an option to go visit another Star Wars village (we didn’t go) and a day walk scheduled around Tamerza, almost on the Algerian border. Tamerza was another village situated in a huge valley oasis with

The Once Busy Market Town of Tozeur, Tunisia

Busing to Tozeur, we came across some young men selling pieces of amethyst at a stand along the road – certainly not gem quality – and I traded my old Timex watch for seven chunks of amethyst as presents for