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Hot off the press – Cyber Travel Deals at Intrepid and Adventure Center

One of my favorite tour operators, Intrepid, is running a moment of madness sale that must be booked by November 30; a 25% discount on 100 trips, but you must travel by March 15, 2013. These soon-to-run trips, are packed

Miscellanous Information for Travelers

I occasionally receive travel e-mails that interest me and may be of interest to Travels With Sheila readers. Below are just a few offerings, in their own words. None are paid solicitations.  It won’t hurt to check them out: Albania

Undiscovered Adventures in Singapore

Also from the adventurous reader who brought active adventures in Dublin to Travels With Sheila’s attention, here are other suggestions for wild and crazy travelers to do in Singapore of all places. Especially, the last on this list — ZORBING!

The Food of Morocco

It’s no secret that both ex-Marine and I were underwhelmed by the food in Morocco. You can argue the fact that we don’t know what we’re talking about, the restaurant choices were poor and/or whatever we ate wasn’t representative of

Morocco Education, Information and Trivia

Morocco Education Facts: – Education is free for everyone including University and even Medical School. School begins at age 7 and students attend Primary for 6 years, followed by 3 years Secondary, 3 years High School before attending University. Before

A Beyond Stressful Travel Day in Morocco

Screw up number gazillion and 14. The time on our train tickets read 17:00 hours instead of 15:00 hours, the train we wanted to take Sunday to Marrakech. Thank heavens the train station was only two blocks away and an