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The Bimoba and Other Tribes in Togo, West Africa

I try to answer all comments and questions from TravelsWithSheila readers even when they are¬†critical. Elijah in Norway was vociferous about Northern Togo and Ghana’s Different Ethnic Groups written in 2006 which discussed female genital mutilation. Since eight years had

“The Golden Kingdoms” of West Africa Revisited

Our cardinal rule is never ship anything…box it up and take it with you on the plane. If you have to pay overweight, so be it…but don’t ship. Based on that, we spent hours concocting boxes using pieces of cardboard,

Elmina and The Slave Trade, Ghana – West Africa

Ghana’s abundant gold deposits were found in the region we drove through on the way to Elmina. We also stopped at Kakum National Park, a protected virgin rain forest that has monkeys, elephants and other African fauna. It has one

An Ashanti Funeral in Kumasi, Ghana – West Africa

Attend a festive Ashanti funeral? This had to be carefully explained to us. The person for whom the funeral was held, actually died some time ago. It could have been years before. The family saves up their money and plans

Kumasi, Ghana – West Africa

On the road to Kumasi, we left our vehicles and made our way up stairs through dilapadated rooms and came out on the second level of a merchant with tons of “stuff” for sale. Burlap bags of trade beads…an entire

Wa, Wenchi and Kumasi, Ghana – West Africa

Driving from Wa to Wenchi, we drove along the ancient caravan route that linked the Kumasi region to the Kingdom of Sudan. Gold and kola nuts were carried along this route. Traders imported kola nuts from the forests of Asante