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Solymar Pioneers Kharga Oasis Hotel

The Solymar Pioneers Kharga Oasis Hotel was a revelation. It had: 102 comfortable and beautiful rooms;  air conditioning; satellite TV; swimming pool; bars by the pool, Oasis Bar and Sindadeya Oriental Cafe; an open air barbecue; and large restaurant that served

The Mummies and Skeletons of Moza Waka, Egypt

We stopped at Moza Waka, around 22 miles from Dakhla Oasis, on the road back towards Kharga with absolutely no idea of what to see there. Driver Hassan parked the car in a deserted area that had a small mountain

The Little Al Qasr Ethnographic Museum, Dakhla Oasis

Exiting the old town walls of Al Qasr, homes stood along the main street with Arabic writing on walls and above doors which said, “This resident did the Haj to Mecca.” The writing detailed the person’s name, date they went,

The Medieval Town of Al Qasr/El Qasr in Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis, located 466 miles from Cairo, and about 193 miles southeast of Farafra Oasis is a collection of 14 different settlements. The most important settlement for tourists is Al Qasr, located around 22 miles from Dakhla; a deserted, medieval village

The Ancient Necropolis of Al Bagawat/Al Bajawat/El Bagawat, Egypt

The ancient necropolis of Al Bagawat (video) is a short distance from Dakhla Oasis. The winds were howling and blowing sand which made it difficult, if not impossible, to video (except inside the tombs). Al Bagawat is not only one of

Into The Western Desert of Egypt and El Kharga Oasis

We inhaled the usual large buffet breakfast before leaving the Sheraton Luxor Hotel, unsure what the food would be like in the Western Desert. New driver Hassan would drive and cook if we camped in the desert tonight, yet to be