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Sheila’s Fast and Easy Sinai Peninsula in Egypt

NOW – Desert adventures in the Sinai desert are easy to book and you can be assured of enough to eat. No more stale bread, fighting over tins/cans of food with ample places to replenish the food stores. You can:

The Geography of The Sinai Peninsula and What to Expect

There were just two more camps to go before reentering civilization, getting a full meal and a chance to use a toilet. A little potty talk here on what to expect. It is never difficult urinating anywhere but defecating was

Ras Nazrani, Straights of Tiran and Nabeq in The Sinai Desert, 1984

The last night of bedding down in the sand, something ex-Marine was ecstatic about and I wasn’t too far behind in exulting. Done with the more adventurous side of Sinai, the day was spent swimming and snorkeling at different locations

Sharm el Sheikh in The Sinai Desert, 1984

THEN – On the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh was nothing but a strip of sand along the Red Sea dotted with empty, rusting oil drums, deserted pieces of military equipment from the war, and an occasional

Nawamis and The Rock of Inscriptions in The Sinai Desert, 1984

There are several prehistoric structures known as “Nawamis” and found only in southern and eastern Sinai. These circular inward leaning buildings were constructed using sandstone slabs, each with a small opening facing west. It is thought that the Nawamis were

An Early Morning Climb Up Mount Sinai in 1984

It was pitch black when the group assembled at 4:00 a.m., and stood shivering in the cold. Off we went on the Steps of Penitence (also called the Path of Moses), one step after another on the first of the