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Hindsight is 20/20 in The Best of Egypt

I have just a few Hindsights specifically relating to this particular tour for travelers to think about: – February is not a good month for desert travel in Egypt. The best months are April-May, September-October. A newspaper article appeared while

The Governor’s Tombs of Beni Hassan, Egypt

Beni Hassan was another 60 kilometers/36 miles away from Tel Armana and had 39 tombs for the Governors in this area; 12 completed tombs had paintings but only four were open to see (Numbers 2, 3, 15, and 17). Beni Hassan dates

Khan el-Khalili and Complex of Sultan Quasuwa Alghuri in Old Cairo

A trip to Cairo wouldn’t be complete without stepping into the famous souk/bazaar of Khan el-Khalili. Continuing along vibrant and ancient Al Muizz Street, stands selling cheap bracelets with the famous, protective eye appeared along the street; a harbinger of

The Street of The Tentmakers in Old Cairo

The Street of the Tentmakers (video), Khaimiah Street, was adjacent to Farag Ibn Barquq Sabil and we took a short walk down this narrow, covered street before entering Al Muizz Street through Bab Zuweila.  The Street of Tentmakers dated from

Walking Through The Oldest Area in Cairo

When we visited Bab Zuweila in the Cairo two years ago, our guide informed us that it was possible to  walk through Bab Zuweila, down Al Muizz Street (the oldest remaining part of Cairo), past Khan el-Khalili, and continue walking before

Dress Up Like Cleopatra and Have Your Photo Taken in Egypt

I have been tapping into my inner child and/or Halloween memories recently by playing dress-up as an Apsara in Cambodia; a Geisha (trust me on this – the white make up showed every line – not one of my finest