Buddhist Ceremonies at A New Nunnery, Yushu, China

From the Temple of Princess Wencheng, it was just a few more kilometers to where a “White Hat Sect Nunnery Temple” was opening with all day ceremonies and prayers. Pilgrims would come and go throughout the day praying and prostrating themselves at the entrance to the new temple. Prayers began at 5:00 a.m. today and would continue for at least 24 hours.

The Head Abbot, a Living Buddha, came to bless the new Temple along with 20-30 monks and impart his spirit into the Temple Buddha. With shoes off, we were allowed to circumambulate inside the temple…View image… to take videos and pictures without using a flash thus instructed by Cindy…View image… (a woman from Hong Kong who was the Abbot’s official photographer for this occasion).

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Day 6 nunnery 11.jpg
carrying one woman on her back to pray in a Buddhist nunnery, Yushu, China

Day 6 inside nunnery 21.jpg
Lamas chanting prayers inside the nunnery, Yushu, China

I threaded my way past the chanting monks and locals making devotions…View image, around the perimeter of the temple, trying desperately not to bother anyone.

Day 6 nunnery 4.jpg
row of monks chanting inside the nunnery, Yushu, China

All of a sudden, the head Abbot beckoned to me… My heart sank as I wondered what I had done wrong, but he only wanted to say hello and ask where I was from! Whew…

Day 6 shoes outside.jpg
running shoes and Tibetans boots outside the nunnery, Yushu, China

Day 6 nunnery 2.jpg
Head Abbott in nunnery, Yushu, China

The weather cleared up by the time we left and a group of Tibetans took a break from prayers to picnic in the grass, leaving us with one last pictorial impression.

Day 6 picnic outside nunnery.jpg
picnic outside the White Hat Sect Nunnery and Temple, Yushu, China

This was a very important occasion for the Tibetans and we felt privileged to watch, listen to the chanting and prayers…View image, and be allowed to photograph the inside of this temple..

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