Back to New Delhi, and The Trip is Over…India

In the late afternoon, another flight to Delhi and a room at the Radisson Hotel near the Airport. Delhi’s airports are separated into two buildings, domestic and international, about a mile or so apart.
International flights commonly depart at the oh-so-lovely hours of 2:25 am, etc., which is why we paid for a room. Your other alternative is to sit at the airport for hours since hotels kick you out by noon, and even if they give you a late checkout, they certainly won’t let you stay until midnight!
It was such a shame to waste a first-class seat utilizing only the reclining seat to sleep in. (The last thing either of us wanted was dinner or wine at 3:00 AM!)

Reliving this trip to India and, Chattisgarh in particular, it doesn’t seem possible that one trip could have had such diversity. It was never boring…and exceptionally unique….
Ancient ruins at Ajanta and Ellora…


ruins of Ajanta, India

Unusual sights along the road…this man wore his baskets like a big doughnut on his head…


one way to carry wares – on your head in India

Colorful and distinctive tribes…


the tribes of Chattisgarh, India

and of course, the magnificent tigers…


tiger reserves of India

The State of Chattisgarh along with Kanha, Ajanta and Ellora is even mentioned in the October, 2006 issue of National Geographic Traveler as one the the World’s Best 50 Tours of a Lifetime. What more can I say to convince you that India really is one of the world’s Best-Hidden Secrets? And that you should visit?

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