Arriving In Las Vegas

I am the first person to shoot off nasty e-mails to United complaining about their service, planes and personnel but TED was a unexpected pleasure. Pleasant flight attendants and a good flight. It was very cold in Las Vegas when we arrived (think upper 20’s) but sunny with blue skies and we didn’t come to sit by the swimming pool. If basking and 120 degree temperatures doesn’t suit you, visit when it’s cooler.) Many others have said this before me…there is no other city in the world even close to Las Vegas in impact. Where else do you arrive at an airport and see rows of slot machines? …View image

You won’t do this…we did…walked from McCarran Airport to The Monte Carlo Hotel since our only luggage was two little backpacks. There is sidewalk all the way. Remember, our trip was not about fancy dining or shows. It’s only about 2+ miles and we are great walkers. This wasn’t a money-saving issue…you can take a shuttle to any hotel on the Strip for around $5/person and there is also public transportation. It just felt great to get outside and walk…and so interesting approaching the Strip on foot…past the MGM Grand, New York-New York, and Paris Hotels…each and every one unique. …View image

Paris Hotel, Las Vegas
buy your M&M’s and pick-up some 1/2 price entertainment tickets next door

Tip: When you check into your hotel room, instantly scan the local magazines to see what 2-for-1’s are being offered. I instantly ripped out a Rio Carnival Buffet with $5 off per person.

Almost everyone I know has been to Las Vegas but if you haven’t:

– You must walk through a lengthy casino to get to reception.

– Almost all slot machines no longer take MONEY with the exception of bills! No change even if it is a quarter or 5-cent machine. It’s called “ticket-in-ticke-out” and leaves me cold. I miss hearing the clank of money falling into the hopper along with the bells and whistles going off. Too sterile in my opinion and I couldn’t figure out how to work the darn things. According to oldest son, Michael….”Come on, Mom, a child can figure them out”…but I couldn’t. What I needed was an eight-year old instructor (think grandchild) with me. They would be able to work them!

– It is impossible to walk down a street in a straight line. You are forced to walk down the Strip in a serpentine fashion which insures you make the rounds past (or through) every Hotel and Casino. They make it easy with a system of escalators and stairs crossing the streets but then 9x out of 10, you have to go into the Hotel/Casino to get back out on the street!

– Everything costs more in Las Vegas. Even Burger King adds a few dollars to the normal price.

With all that in mind, we started walking. The entire Strip from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere is approximately six miles…another 1.8 miles to Downtown…

lasvegasmap (400 x 493).jpg
Las Vegas strip runs from North to South

…and you want to join the throngs of people carrying digital cameras going from hotel to hotel to gawk at the interiors. The hotels were also busy putting up their holiday displays and I entered into the digital frenzy with everyone else – snapping away.

The Wynn holiday decorations

Car Rentals at $13 per day

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