The Very Charming Hotel Castelleto in Cavtat, Croatia

The delightfully charming Hotel Castelleto, in the beautiful coastal town of Cavtat, was once a private vacation retreat and is still family run. Cavtat is a picturesque fishing village that once was an exclusive hideout for wealthy families in Europe. Hotel Castelleto has 13 rooms, just 300 meters/900 feet from the sea in Cavtat (a very short walk). The recently refurbished double and twin rooms are modern and comfortable with ensuite facilities, fully air-conditioned, Wi-Fi,  and satellite television. Most of the rooms have private balconies with a small table and chairs that gave spectacular views of the sea and/or mountains, providing a real feeling of Mediterranean style.

During the summer season, Hotel Castelleto also barbecues in the garden; yummy pig and lamb roasts. ex-Marine and I visited in late May, not quite high season yet and just had to make do with a bountiful, buffet breakfast served in the garden.

The Hotel offers free transport to/from the Airport, can arrange car hire, book excursions, recommend restaurants and are more than happy to help with any questions. Personnel spoke Croatian, English, Italian and German.

large room at Hotel Castelleto, Cavtat

leafy entrance into Hotel Castelleto, Cavtat


Dean insisted on a fast drive through Cavtat (pronounced “Tsavtat”) to give us the lay of the land, and show the faster walking route from the hotel into town before bringing us to the Hotel Castelleto. Cavtat is a  gorgeous old town with bars, restaurants, harbor with crystal clear water, cultural sights and pine-clad peninsula. He schlepped the suitcases up to the second floor and unlocked the door. A huge room with a non-stop balcony and views to die for. The Bay. Mountains. Dubrovnik in the distance with huge cruise ships in port. Gorgeous. We just had to remember to watch the dormer-style ceilings in this room to keep from concussing ourselves.

cruise ship in Dubrovnik harbor, Croatia

a bay and mountain view from Hotel Castelleto, Cavtat

Cavtat sunset over the Dalmatian Coast, Croatia


Completely thrilled that weeks of agonizing over whether to stay in Cavtat or Dubrovnik paid off, I checked the Wi-Fi (strong signal), oohed over the sunset from our room, popped a sleeping pill and crawled into bed. Very excited about what tomorrow would bring in Cavtat…


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