Sheila Simkin is not a Travel Agent, has no affiliation with any agency or airline and tells it as she sees it. Her goal is to encourage you to take the big step and travel to more exotic, remote destinations with tips, anecdotes and reassurance that, yes, you will come back alive.

Sheila, a native Chicagoan, has been traveling the world since 1960. The travel bug first hit on her honeymoon in Miami. Fidel Castro had just taken over Cuba and lured by rock-bottom prices, Sheila sweet-talked her ex-husband into abandoning Miami for Cuba. That marked the beginning of her lifetime travel passion and addiction.

There are very few countries that are not on her to-see list no matter how remote and/or difficult they may be. The U.S. State Department recognizes 193 independent countries and she has visited 150 in over 40 years of travel (but…who’s counting). Touring, hiking, trekking, rafting, snowshoeing, skiing, cruising, volunteering on archaeological digs, family trips and, she must admit, occasionally sitting on a beach and compulsively shopping.

Travels With Sheila and goats in Tunisia

trekking in the gorgeous mountains of Kyrgzystan

Travels With Sheila and dogsledding puppy, Tromso, Norway

Travels With Sheila with Flores Island children


Travels With Sheila attempts to deliver the hard and truthful facts. Answer questions that will help plan your holiday. Whether it be a tight budget or upscale, Sheila has probably been there… done it.  She has built up a network of trusted tour operators who will plan an individualized trip and arrange treks for around the same price a group tour would charge. Perhaps, even for less. Sheila will give information about pensions, inns, hotels, train travel, air, adventures without sugarcoating.

hanging around in Timbuktu, Mali

a well-fed Komodo Dragon, Rinca, Indonesia





Happy Traveling!

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