The Kasai Village Beach Resort, Cebu Island

The warm and welcoming staff greeted us with soothing murmurs, wonderfully smelling floral wreaths and a delicious mango smoothie. The humid air, smell of water and vegetation gave the sensation that only a tropical destination can. The Kasai Village Beach Resort is a big destination for divers. Neither of us dive but Kasai Village Beach Resort offered great options for non-divers also. Snorkeling for example. The smallness and ambiance of this place appealed to me and I selected a Sea View Deluxe Room facing the beachfront with its own terrace. Rooms facing the swimming pool cost less. The Sea View Deluxe rate of $125/night for two included breakfast, welcome drinks, 15-minute therapeutic touch massage, government taxes, and service. What more could a person want? Oh yes, magnificent views over Tanon Strait and the neighbouring island Negros.

The staff speaks Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. There are no TVs, phones, clocks or Internet access in the individual rooms. Phone service is available through their business office, and a satellite television is conveniently located in the “Kasai Rock Bar” area for viewing. Wireless Internet Access is available 24 Hours a day at their “Hot Spot.” The strongest signal was actually in the Kasai Village office and I used their computer daily to check e-mail.

Dinner is served from 7-10p, breakfast from 7-10a. This would be the first time in two weeks that we could completely unpack and settle in for the next five days. What a pleasure! Not only that, it was time for dinner. The two bags of nuts and cookies on both flights didn’t cut it. Kasai Village has an extensive menu to choose from and the restaurant is a big, airy room overlooking the water. Barbecued pork on a stick with french fries, garlic chicken and rice, San Miguel beers and jangled nerves began to unwind. Food prices certainly were reasonable enough. 770 pesos ($16 U.S.) for the entire meal.

Steve at dinner, Kasai Village and Beach Resort, Cebu

our Deluxe Seaview Room, Kasai Village Beach Resort, Cebu


The Kasai Village Beach Resort had the pleasantest, sweetest staff. Everyone had  cheery, “Good Morning” greetings.

Kasai Village reef when the tide was in, Cebu

locals collecting critters on Kasai Village Reef when tide is out, Cebu

child poking through the reef seaweed, Cebu

We planned five-days at Kasai Village Beach Resort with really good intentions. Go snorkeling. Boat over to another island. Take long walks, etc. But something always happens in languid, tropical heat. Think…doing nothing. A morning reef walk looking at Sea Stars, sea urchins, sea shells. Watching the locals on the reef picking up critters to eat. Sitting on the veranda. Venturing occasionally, very occasionally, into the sun. Ten minutes in the strong Cebu sun penetrated deep into your bones and burnt the unwary to a crispy turn. Drank beer and ate.  Steve and I did go into Moalboal one morning and walked over to Panagsama Beach another day, about all we could muster up.  (More about that later.)

There is plenty to do. A couple from Virginia staying at Kasai Village Beach Resort dove twice a day and even did a serious canyoneering expedition. Jumped off into pools, rappelled…like I said, serious. We just turned into happy beach potatoes….

a very happy Travels With Sheila at Kasai Village, Cebu


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