A Collection of Winter Destinations – Asia and Beyond

Too many places to see…it will cost too much money…no time to go…just not enough of anything…I’ll wait until the kids are grown…Maybe when we retire…….The plane trip is way too long…Why bother…? Excuses, excuses…

If any of the above reflects some of your thinking – reconsider. Asia, Africa, South America and others are loaded with friendly, warm, winter destinations that WILL NOT…repeat…WILL NOT…cost an arm and leg. Look back at some of my prior published articles on cost-savings in different countries. I’m even going to break it down a little further starting with the least expensive countries to visit:

Ranked in order of “cheapest” is

– #1 Laos – It is almost impossible to find an Asian destination with friendlier people, phenomenal sights and rock-bottom prices, including $3.00 massages and delicious food.

$1.50 worth of food in Laos
– #2 Myanmar (Burma) – Sweet, friendly people to whom your presence means a lot. So much to see without mobs of tourists, safe to visit…and the food is good.

rural village in Myanmar where black teeth is the norm

– #3 Tunisia – Roman ruins, sand dunes, exotic and more…after all, Star Wars was filmed there…

Star Wars set in Tunisia – Matmata

– #4 Namibia – Sunny, hot – there was a reason Brangalina went there…relatively inexpensive..

Moderate cost vacations ($2,500-$5,000…depending how high you want to go):

– #1 Patagonia (9/02/06) for incredible sights, good steaks and quite a few places to stay in if a luxury vacation is your preference.

when the sun shines in Patagonia

– #2 New Zealand (5/29/07) – Land of Frodo, fishing, extreme sports, geothermic action, mountains, wonderful wine and foods. You can visit on a budget, go moderate or expensive.

– #3 Tasmania 4/02/07 – still inexpensive to moderate. Perhaps you’ll have look finding the Tasmanian Devil.

Moderate to Expensive Trips (minimum of $4,000 a person and way up):

– #1 South Africa – anywhere in South Africa is not cheap unless you are extremely happy on a bare budget. This is the place to indulge in your longed for safari. Go for it…after all, life is NOT a rehearsal.

– #2 West Africa (9/24/06) (12/15/06) – So unusual and interesting. A place for ethnic exploration with quite a bit of hardship involved (long rides, etc.) but worth every uncomfortable moment. I personally know people that went to Mali, Ghana, Togo and Benin, made their own arrangements there and traveled through these countries on a shoe string. It can be done.

Ghana – undivided attention even with food on her head, West Africa

Definitely Expensive:

– #3 New Guinea (4/10/07) – If you’ve been everywhere and want to see a culture perhaps only 50+ years away from cannibalism, extremely exotic, New Guinea is the wild and crazy place for you.

Huli warrior waiting to greet someone at the Tari Airport, New Guinea

– #4 India (10/18/07) – India is again one of those huge continents where you can stay in Maharajah’s palaces, look for tigers, old forts, ancient civilizations or backpack and travel throught this gigantic country on pennies. It will either be very expensive or cost nothing — you choose.

Some other articles to be published within the next few months, all cheap to moderate with the exception of one:

Vietnam – Costs are starting to rise. Go now.

Myanmar (again) – Another remote region where we were the only tourists.

Ethiopia – Land of the Queen of Sheba, Ark of The Covenent, Churches of Lalibela and one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Krabi, Thailand – A Place in The Sun.

Bangkok, Thailand – No explanation necessary. Stay in a hotel for $20 a night or one for $500 a night and have just as much fun.

…and, the expensive one – there’s no way around this one — ANTARCTICA

Yes, we’re biting the bullet and heading towards Antarctica in November. At the ages of 67 and 68 years old, who knows how much longer ex-Marine (husband Steve) and I can navigate slippery zodiacs.

Never mind the long, agonizing plane rides with babies crying and even a man behind me on our last trip who objected when I reclined my miniscule seat a whopping 3″. You’ll arrive at your destination destroyed…go to sleep…and awaken in some of the most fabulous places on earth. Make your plans now!



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