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Tips & Tricks

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Public Transportation From the Kii Peninsula to Osaka

  There was time to explore the port town of Kii-Katsuura if desired. However, Marine Steve and I were eager to get back to Osaka. A post-Kumano Kodo trip was scheduled to Kurashiki and Naoshima Island tomorrow. And there is

Mitaki Sanso Minshuku in Nachi, Japan

  Mitaki Sanso is the only accommodation on Nachi-san. In other words, this it or camp in the rain. Oku Japan originally booked a one-night in Kii-Katsuura which in Hindsight is 20/20, I would have preferred. Once you’ve visited the waterfall

UNESCO Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine Complex, Japan

  Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine is a Shinto shrine located halfway up Nachi Mountain. Its religious origin is the ancient nature worship of Nachi no taki Waterfall. This grand shrine is part of the Kumano Sanzan and major pilgrimage destination.

Nachi no Taki Waterfall at UNESCO Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine

  Where else can a person be awed by temple and shrines from 1590, sacred Nachi no taki Waterfall, and an 800-year old camphor tree? At Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine in Japan. Our driver let us off at the only

Magnificent Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine in Shingu

  Life is full of surprises and Hayatama Grand Shine in Shingu is one of them. Marine Steve and I never had any intention of walking this last Kumano Kodo section. The stretch from Koguchi to Nachi-San is 15.1 kilometers/9.3 miles, not bad.

Kumano Kodo Day 4: Minshuku Momofuku in Koguchi, Japan

  The typical journey from Yunomine Onsen to Minshuku Momofuku in Noguchi begins with a short bus ride to Ukegawa on the Kumano River. This is where the Kogumotorigoe path begins. Although today’s trail is not considered difficult with a total