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Tips & Tricks

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Mysore to Bangalore: Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort

It is a four-hour drive from Mysore to Bangalore where our flight to Mumbai would depart. Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Fort is located in Srirangapatna along the way. It is easily accessible by train and lies just off the

A Mish Mosh of Mysore Sights: Palace and Markets

Two last important sights: The Mysore Palace and Deveraja Fruit, Vegetable Flower Market. Mysore Palace has over 2.7 million visitors each year, and is the second most popular tourist attraction in India after the Taj Mahal. How about that! Mysore has

A Mish Mosh of Mysore: Gigantic Nandi Bull

One-third of the way down steps from Sri Chamundeswar is a famous Nandi (Shiva’s bull) statue carved out of solid rock in 1659. The steps up and down are major scene that will have your head swiveling from side to

A Mish Mosh of Mysore Sights – Holy Cow!

Of warped sightseeing importance to me was yellow painted “holy” cows and companion yellow sheep wandering up and down Mysore streets. First spotting what appeared to be yellow cows as we drove through Mysore, I thought my eyes were playing

Important Keshava Temple in Somanathapura

We began two days of tours in and around Mysore at Keshava Temple with guide Rada. FYI: Women guides are rare in India. Certainly not that they aren’t as smart as men but Indian men still feel that a married

A Suite at Royal Orchid Metropole Hotel, Mysore

The road from Nagarhole National Park to Mysore is on an excellent highway and only takes 1:30 hours. Once in a blue moon, something unexpected and fabulous occurs. Waiting for Royal Orchid Metropole check-in behind a large tour group in