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Migratory Bird Sanctuary of Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut, Canada

Sea Explorer High Arctic Cruise

  Prince Leopold Island is home to more than 500,000 seabirds and located near the High Arctic Nunavut communities of Arctic Bay and Resolute.  Another important bird area, The Prince Leopold Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary established in 1992 is within

Polar Bear and Glaciers in Stunning Croker Bay – Nunavut, Canada

Sea Explorer zodiac in Croker Bay

  An actively calving glacier often litters Croker bay with numerous icebergs. Croker Bay is situated on the southern coast of Devon Island and named for John Wilson Croker, First Secretary of the Admiralty. Upon entering this fjord, two large tide

Zodiac in Croker Bay, Nunavut, Canada

Sea Explorer in foggy Croker Bay

  Croker Bay, situated on the southern coast of Devon Island, is named for John Wilson Crocker, First Secretary of the Admiralty. A shore landing was scheduled for around 9:00a and we had fingers crossed since an expedition cruise means

Coburg Island, Croker Bay and Dundas Harbour in Nunavut, Canada

Crocker Bay angel fish, Canadian High Arctic

  Coburg Island is an uninhabited island in Nunavut, Canada located in Baffin Bay’s Lady Ann Strait. It is separated from Ellesmere Island by Glacier Strait while Devon Island is located to the South. A late evening zodiac cruise had

Local Entertainment in Grise Fjord, Canadian High Arctic

Grise Fjord, Canadian High Arctic

  Passengers on the Sea Explorer were asked not to buy anything other than souvenirs from the local co-op store since a ship with provisions only comes to Grise Fjord twice a year. No worries for us since there was nothing

Grise Fjord on Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic

into the Canadian High Arctic

  Grise Fjord (pop: 150) is on the southern coast of Ellesmere Island and Canada’s most northerly community. Nunavut visitors to this tiny hamlet in the High Arctic will see magnificent mountains and glaciers. The Inuktitut name means, “The place